The yearlong pandemic not only affected the economy of our nation but also took a huge roll in demolishing education for young students of our country. For almost 12 months back from now the nationwide lockdown was declared and each and every institution was shut down due to that. All the students were forced to take an unwanted long vacation from then onwards for almost three months before the private institutions decided to go for virtual academy. But in a third world country like India, it was hard to afford by most. Due to economic crisis maximum number of students…

‘The Only Queer People are Those Who Don’t Love Anybody’- Rita Mae Brown

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Being bisexual is getting common among girls and boys more and more nowadays. I really wonder at times if it was that common a decade back. So I always had a question to very single bisexual people I meet, if they would have come out in 2010 or even in 2000. Obviously most answer was ‘’you know, I don’t know. It depends on how you feel.’’ Yes. It is true, that coming out solely depends on how you feel. Someone might realize that they are a woman trapped in a man’s body at the age of 50 after having two…

No more sacrificing supercars after having kids

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This took me a long time to write. I would say probably about 6 months from the day I decided to write. So let me first clear out the purpose of the story. I haven’t been in medium for more than 2 months now, so there is a lot of topics that I haven’t yet explored. Since medium is so versatile, and has no bars for people like me, who basically loves to write everything she finds, this platform has been a really beneficial. …

Here are few of the best habits from my own morning routine. I would recommend everyone to give it a try

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You can start your day by hitting the snooze button, dragging yourself out of bed at the last minute, rushing to get ready, and then running out the door with a doughnut in one hand and your briefcase in the other. Or, you can start your day with good morning habits. I recommend the latter. our morning can dictate the rest of your workday. It’s no wonder that so many successful business people follow strict morning routines. What do they do exactly? Ask them how they begin their day, and you will see a consistent pattern. This is not just…

Just my own thoughts that was needed to express

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I usually don’t write stories like this, but as always this story is also inspired by something. I figured this topic is so individualistic that it doesn’t deserve to be written in my usual pattern. So I am just writing everything that came to my mind, I guess. Yesterday I watched, 2 films. Both from Netflix, ‘the theory of everything’ and ‘miracle from heaven’

Some of you might wanna skip this part because, I’m going to tell you about those films a little bit. So those who already watched will know the plots. And if you haven’t yet, I would…

Here are few things that parents should understand to have a smooth relationship with their children

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We are in 2020. Almost at the end. Most people would not find this story interesting, I guess because it is 2020, my folks once again. But let me tell you what inspired me to write this today. First of all I had a really crappy childhood and I am constantly trying to help people so that any child doesn’t have to be through anything similar as I have been. And the main reason is, I am very active in Quora and I receive a lot of questions about parenting and teens and preteens, both from children and parents. To…

We all need to learn about self love. Here is my story and some advice regarding that

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Self-love is the gift that keeps on giving. Self-love is your secret weapon to living a fulfilling life. That’s because your inner world creates your outer world. Before you can receive love and respect from others, you need to love and respect yourself. When you make decisions out of guilt, a need to please or to avoid conflict, you overvalue the needs of others and disrespect yourself. This conveys — to yourself and those around you — that you accept very little. That doesn’t feel very good, does it? Some people equate self-love with selfishness. But that’s not true. When…

Here are 5 ways to monetize your website in case google AdSense is not working for you

Nowadays, many people are trying for Google AdSense alternatives because of different reasons like either to diversify their website earning or maybe some approval issues. It used to be easy to get Google AdSense approval few years back, but now it has turned quiet a tricky job for new websites to get approved for Google AdSense. If you have faced any issue with the rejection of the AdSense approval, then either you can try the top 4 best companies to get approval for AdSense. …

These are few things to practice to bring positivity to your life

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‘Be positive’ is a very popular concept of campaign and groups nowadays, but most people don’t really know how to achieve that state of living. Of course, just watching some motivational videos and reading few quotes for hours is never going to implement it in the practical life. As easy as it looks like in videos, it is not so easy to apply those in real lives. And especially if someone is already struggling with stress and tension, they always tend to go for the easiest method.

Leading a positive life has plenty of benefits. It brings success to social…

If you are facing these issues in your relationship, you should think twice before further proceeding

Relationships mostly start good, because usually people decides to be a part of it when they feel good or at least think it’s good. But if it is good or it was just their ‘newly committed vibes’ comes out later, sometimes a lot later. A lot of times people get trapped in a relationship and feel like hell every single day. It is true, that in many cases even if there is enough hurt and damage people want to continue the relationship. It would be one of my friend who inspired me to write this story today.

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Yesterday, she said…

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